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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Best Time Tracker Software Solutions for Your Business

As a business there is a need to utilize all means available to ensure your company’s success. Technological advancements have empowered business owners to track all the things remotely. Even when you are not physically present at your business location, you can always keep track of the employees, projects, processes, clients, and many other things. With so many time tracker software solutions available, monitoring your business is no longer hands on. These time tracker tools can help increase revenue, monitor employees and their productivity levels, track project time, invoice clients, send reports to the clients, and much more. These tools enable you to manage your business in a more efficient manner. Our list of 10 time tracker software solutions should be able to help you to a perfect time tracking tool for your business.

#1 Talygen

As a business owner or a project manager, you need to manage and track different things simultaneously. It is very essential to have a clear-cut, transparent, and all-encompassing report at every point in time. Whatever is the task, Talygen does nearly everything. Whether it is about monitoring employees, tracking their progress, generating reports, invoicing clients, or anything else, Talygen does it perfectly. It is the best time tracker software available in the market to date. Its strong, all-inclusive features and easy-to-use interface give it the top position in the list of our best time tracker software solutions.

#2 Harvest

Harvest is a mixture of balanced features. It offers invoicing, reporting, and basic employee tracking. The timekeeping solution is available on desktop, iOS, and Android. One of the best features of Harvest is its ability to format reports in different languages, which can be particularly useful if you have international clients. Also, no other tracker offers invoicing in different languages. Its reporting is accurate and invoicing is absolutely professional.

#3 Dovico

It is a Canada-based company that offers absolutely professional and economical time tracking solutions. It can be counted amongst the best time tracking tools to keep variety of projects in order. The interface is user-friendly and you get nearly each and every report you ask for. While Dovico has strong features, it also has some downsides.

#4 Toggl

It is one of the simplest time tracking solutions you will come across. As it is simpler than any other time tracking tool available in the market, do not expect it to produce reports and invoices perfectly. It works both online and offline, and can be used with desktop or the smartphone app. If you are looking for a perfect and all-inclusive time tracker software solution with all your business needs in mind, Toggl is not an option to consider.

#5 Invoicera

Invoicera is a unique solution when tracking time. It allows you to track time logged but not necessarily progress on a project with multiple users as its competitors does. It does allow you to view different styles of reports which can come in handy when invoicing clients with its billing feature. Invoicera is a good tool to use for a business’s basic needs.

#6 Freshbooks

Primarily, it is an invoicing tool for freelancers. It can also be effectively used by small business owners. Freshbooks has report functionality and its data can be exported in variety of formats, like Excel, CSV, etc. Although it has large number of features to offer, it is a little difficult to use and understand. The interface is not as user-friendly as of any other time tracker software solution.

#7 Web Timesheet

Web Timesheet is similar to almost any other average time tracker software solution available in the market. It has a stopwatch to keep a track of time spent on projects along with an expense tracker. Web Timesheet is easy to use and worth its price.

#8 Klok

It works through the Adobe Air programming language. Klok is able to track the time and generate report very easily. It might seem easy to use at initial stage, but can be quite confusing once you start using it, especially while tracking subprojects. It can prove to be a good time tracking tool for smaller companies.

#9 Manic

It is an online time tracking and billing tool that can be perfect for smaller organizations. The program does not offer everything its competitors does, but again, it doesn’t claim even. It claims to be a simple online tool to track time and invoice clients. The downfall is that a little pricy for offering so little. Overall, it is a good solution, if not the best in its category.

#10 Freckle

It sits at the bottom of the list because of unfriendly user interface. Although, it has some good features, it is more of confusing. It might look simple initially, but confusion crops up as soon one starts to track projects and subprojects. You can even end up spending more time explaining it to the employees than working on it.